Mission: Moving On | Status: Failed

If this topic makes your heart burns, please stop reading this. I don’t want a single comment left here saying ‘i got a panic attack’ or something. This is not a joke or something funny. I just give my empathy to those who cannot leave their past.

I have some reasons why i bring this topic on. I start from what i see in real life. Lately, people around me get them hard to stop on new phase of their life. They can not leave everything behind them. Some of them are happy to remember memories, but some other are not. Sometime they are good memories and the rest are bad. I think memories are the reason why someone can not move on.

The people whom you can not forget may give you the best moment that you have been in. This kind of people is so (i can guaranty you) that you can not forget for the rest of your life. Just because of something happened, both of you could be together. This kind of situation is so bad. You will remember all of his generousness to you.

Yeah memory. It can be a place, time, thing–everything that make you remember him. It can be the first place where you go with her, a restaurant where both of you were usually came to, the road where both of you used to walk on, or even the smooth red theater seats of 21. She had given you a presents? or some photos even can bring a tears.

The other reason why people can not move on is because of ‘unfinished’ business between two people. The people who left someone without prior ‘announcement’. They just left you like that without any good bye or smile. For the result, you will become like a “half” insane person who is asking for the reason. Thousands questions will pop on mind; did i do wrong? what did make you go?

The worst impact if you can not move on is (unconsciously) it is not easy for you to meet someone new. The fact is you are stuck to that person, your mind is focused to one person.       And it is a bad signal for you. The people who used to love you, want you is actually don’t need you anymore. She doesn’t want your presence. Why do you have to fight for that kind of person who had dumped you? No reasons to stay on that kind of track. Move on!

People say there are plenty of fish in the ocean, that could be true.

You would reply, “how can i mend this broken heart?”

I would say, The problem is in you, and you are the only person who can mend yourself.

Come the future

Come the future

Everything that i can say to you is…

“Past is past. Don’t look back. Grab the future, embrace it!”

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