Main Bareng Peach Pachara di Universal Studios: Singapore Day 3

Aku melangkahkan kaki menuju MRT Station terdekat. Melintasi East-West Line atau jalur hijau menuju arah Selatan.Aku lalu turun di Outram Park Interchange Station untuk berpindah ke North-East Line menuju stasiun terakhir, HarbourFront Station. Di belakang Vivo City Mall yang belum dibuka, aku kembali berjalan kaki melewati Sentosa Board Walk sepanjang 670 meter menuju Sentosa Island. Di gerbang Sentosa Island, aku membayar 1 SGD saja menggunakan EZ Link. Sentosa Island, here I come!


Jalan ke Singapore: Malam Pertama

Ini malam pertama dari rangkaian tiga hari jalan di SIngapore. Setelah penerbangan malam-malam dari LCCT, Kuala Lumpur, aku tiba di Changi Airport, Singapore, di waktu MRT hampir selesai beroperasi. Malam, di negeri orang, sendirian, cukup sudah bikin hampir jantungan.

Lanjut di Sini

Semalam di Kuala Lumpur Pt. 2 ajah

Baiklah, aku akhirnya memiliki keberanian yang kuat untuk melanjutkan cerita aku di Kuala Lumpur, yang dimulai di artikel ini.

Perjalanan aku ke Kuala Lumpur dimulai dengan menunggangi pesawat AirAsia AK 1303. Sesuai boarding pass yang udah dicetak dari rumah, aku akan duduk di kursi C, alias di lorong baris sebelah kiri. Ketika sampe di nomor kursi itu, udah duduk sepasang anak muda yang tampaknya baru saja merengkuh manisnya mahligai rumah tangga. Lanjut di Sini

2012 Playlist

I don’t know, maybe it’s too little too late to make a writing about “2012 playlist”. The playlist I get from my iTunes’ ‘Top 25 Most Play’ Playlist, my cell-phone’s playlist and little bit help from my ear-worms *giggle*. Here are twenty singles which I listened in 2012. The order of the list is alphabetical because it seems hard work to consider which the best of the best is. (more…)

Anggun – Echoes (An Album Review)

After she has sold million albums over 30 countries from four albums of hers. And has been hypnotizing us with his singles like “Snow on the Sahara”, “Chrysalis”, “In Your Mind” and “Crazy”. Now Anggun is back with her 5th-new album! ECHOES! It has been released at the end of May for the Indonesian Version. This album got the Platinum only one week after it’s released. The first single for Indonesia is “Hanyalah Cinta” or “Only Love” for International single. The single for French (un)release album is “Je Partirai”.

Anggun Echoes Cover

Indonesia and Malaysia Track List:

  1. Buy Me Happiness. (3:12)
     ”all those fancy things fail to make my heart sings”
  2. Hanyalah Cinta.(4:04)
    “semua yang telah aku dapat indah nan gemerlap. Satu hari kan pudar dan sinarnya akan hilang”
  3. Weapons. (3:10)
    “too strong to lose but you can’t choose. I stole your heart. Before you even know”
  4. Yang Terlarang (4:20)
    “yang terlarang kan terulang dan tak henti panggil hati ini”
  5.  Impossible (3:11) 
    “I change my mind and I don’t think it’s a crime. Go to run to where my heart desires”
  6. Eternal (3:56)
    “Though I can’t see but within me You’ll always live eternally.”
  7. Rollercoaster (4:31)
    “you catch me when I fall. As far as I can recall. With you I’m gravity define.”
  8. My Addiction (2:59)
    “This will be the last time. I wake up in your arms. There won’t be one last try.”
  9. A Stranger (3:49)
    “Looking in the mirror. I’m a stranger. To this land and air. Belong to elsewhere.”
  10. Cold War (3:59)
    “ruptured… of my soul and my mind. This lines to be defined.”
  11. Year of the Snake (4:41)
     ”wounds can heal but still the echoes. Lingering inside.”
  12. Silent Vow (3:15)
    “I have learned that a lie is another way to survive. Secret solidified.”
    Bonus Tracks:
  13. Berkilaulah.
  14. Only Love.
  15. Count on Me.
  16. Sorry.
  17. Always You (feat. Schiller). 

I love almost of the tracks. I adore the music that given in this album. A combination of pop, rock, orchestra and little bit world. She produced this album under her own label, April Earth for almost two years. Three of my favorite songs from this album is Only Love, Buy Me Happiness, and Silent Vow.

I hope this album will be the real ‘elevation’ of her carrier after her previous “hip-hop” album, Elevation.