Semalam di Kuala Lumpur Pt. 1: Sebuah Pembuktian Diri

Tanggal 16 Oktober 2013 merupakan sebuah tanggal penting bagi hidupku. Malah tanggal ini aku rasa lebih penting dari pada tanggal 10 Oktober 2013 yang merupakan hari wisuda S1 gue. Pada hari Rabu minggu ketiga di bulan Oktober dan bertepatan sehari setelah Hari Raya Idul Adha itu, untuk pertama kalinya aku melakuakan perjalanan jauh sendirian.

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CD Musik, Akankah Tinggal Kenangan?


“It was the final day of business for the Virgin Mega-store chain in North America, which at its peak had 23 locations but by Sunday was down to two: the 57,000-square-foot, two-level New York outlet, and a smaller Hollywood shop that was also set to close.”
“The music chain Virgin France is planning to shut its store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris and declare itself insolvent, with reported debts of €22m (£18m).”

Virgin adalah salah satu toko retail hiburan terbesar di dunia yang didirikan pada tahun 1976. Virgin juga juga menjadi salah satu penjual Compact Disc (CD) music terbesar. Selain menjual CD, Virgin yang didirikan pengusaha terkenal asal Inggris, Richard Branson ini juga menjual berbagai hal menyangkut dunia hiburan lainya seperti buku, majalah, serta beragam souvenir. Lanjut Baca di Sini

Mission: Moving On | Status: Failed

If this topic makes your heart burns, please stop reading this. I don’t want a single comment left here saying ‘i got a panic attack’ or something. This is not a joke or something funny. I just give my empathy to those who cannot leave their past.

I have some reasons why i bring this topic on. I start from what i see in real life. Lately, people around me get them hard to stop on new phase of their life. They can not leave everything behind them. Some of them are happy to remember memories, but some other are not. Sometime they are good memories and the rest are bad. I think memories are the reason why someone can not move on. (more…)

2012 Playlist

I don’t know, maybe it’s too little too late to make a writing about “2012 playlist”. The playlist I get from my iTunes’ ‘Top 25 Most Play’ Playlist, my cell-phone’s playlist and little bit help from my ear-worms *giggle*. Here are twenty singles which I listened in 2012. The order of the list is alphabetical because it seems hard work to consider which the best of the best is. (more…)

Hsinnad’s 2011 Music Chart

Some people said it’s too late to give the countdown of my play list of 2011. Well I think, it’s okay, we are still in January. It might be fool if I do make this list in December 2012.

I want to straight to the point. My 2011’s play list was full of up beat music and drastically mellow tracts, from lady gaga to Adele, from Frankmusic to Demi Lovato, to Britney Spears to Anggun. It’s mixed together. The play list followed what my heart felt at that year. Music is all about soul, isn’t it? So, I have made a list of 20 most-played songs in 2011. Here they are:

20. Criminal – Britney Spears


I listened to all the songs from Femme Fatale but when I came to this track, I skipped it. I thought this song is lame. When the video was released, I watched it till the end. Then I said, damn! I love this!

19. Decorate – Yuna

This song is a song from Malaysian singer and composer, Yuna. A recording company from USA gave her chance to make this album. I love the other songs from the album. But this single is special for me.

18. Till the World Ends – Britney Spears

You know this song can make you dancing, jumping and rolling till you are tired. Dancing every time every where till the world ends. Spooky?

The video is awesome. But it’s little bit too much.

17. What are Words – Christ Medina

I knew this song from my Singaporean friend. He told me that this song is his favorite. He also told me the background of the song. At the first time I listened to the song, I cried. Should I cry?

16. Mon Meilleur Amour –Anggun

MMA is the second single from the 5th album of Indonesian-born singer, Anggun, Echos. It’s French edition. The music element of this song sounds so European, simple yet elegance. The song tells the story about someone who lost his love. The music video is cool, made in Rumania.

15. Do It in the A.M – Frankmusic feat. Far East Movement

I don’t know sure why I love this song. I just enjoy the beat and feel happy.

14. Je Partirai – Anggun

Anggun’s voice is smooth and strong in the same time in this song. I can feel the pain in minimalist music element.

13. Who Says – Selena Gomez

I love the lyric and also the music. The lyric can raise you up. Well its lyric sounds so girly, I just take the positive side that you can be whatever you want to be, just do it and never let people make you down.

12. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

This single is the perfect choice to open an album. Congratulation Mama Monster! Its words are so meaningful for many people.

11. Wish You were Here – Avril Lavigne

Here’s the other song which can make me cry in 2011. Just listen to this and you’ll know the reason.

10. Rolling in the Deep – Adele

One thing that can make me fall in love to this song is the sound of drum. It’s so intensive, shaking my ears off.

9. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

I don’t wanna talk more about this song. I just don’t want to.

8. E.T. – Katy Perry

I like this single! Its lyric, music, and video clip are totally awesome. The concept made is total! The song of California Girls and Peacock mean nothing compared to this song.

7. Judas – Lady Gaga

A second single from Born This Way! The word of Ju-das… Juda-a-a-s! rotated in my mind for about one month! Damn you Gaga!

6. Titanium – David Guetta feat. Sia

This track is featured in David Guetta’s album. It’s just like a love at the first sight.

5. On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull

4. Someone Like You – Adele

Everybody knows this song. If you have just been dumped then listening to this song, never ever think to suicide!

3. Part Rock Anthem – LMFAO

Everybody is shuffling! LOL

Some people said this song didn’t deserve to be on the top of Billboard Chart for weeks.

Well, some other people said the contrary. It’s the matter of choice.

2. Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

Marron 5 is back with a catchy single. This song is fun! But actually I don’t like the Christina Aguilera’s part in this song. I can’t catch the connection.

1. Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

YAY! ADELE! Anyone doesn’t agree to me? Please raise your hand!

How to Learn Life

Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. I believe that our past is like a map or guideline for me to step to the future. Julius Caesar ever said that experience is the teacher of all things. Experience teaches me how to choose right path to walk in. I learn from the past so I don’t enter the same hole at different time. The philosophy is like this. If you ever ate a slice of pineapple then you got stomachache, you might not eat pineapple again. You realize that eating pineapple makes your stomach in a bad condition. (more…)

Ini Punya Gue!

Aku pengen nulis ini karena:


Tweet @Dillaaryani di atas mengingatkan aku pada luka lama yang telah lama terpendam. Sebuah dendam kesumat yang terungkit kembali. Beberapa tahun lalu seorang teman terpercaya berniat meminjam sebuah buku koleksiku *lupa buku apa*. Aku bilang padanya, “eh, jaga bukunya yah, jangan rusak, jangan terlipat, jangan basah, jangan kotor, apalagi robek”. “iya pasti kok”, jawab temanku dengan muka lugu. (more…)

Anggun – Echoes (An Album Review)

After she has sold million albums over 30 countries from four albums of hers. And has been hypnotizing us with his singles like “Snow on the Sahara”, “Chrysalis”, “In Your Mind” and “Crazy”. Now Anggun is back with her 5th-new album! ECHOES! It has been released at the end of May for the Indonesian Version. This album got the Platinum only one week after it’s released. The first single for Indonesia is “Hanyalah Cinta” or “Only Love” for International single. The single for French (un)release album is “Je Partirai”.

Anggun Echoes Cover

Indonesia and Malaysia Track List:

  1. Buy Me Happiness. (3:12)
     ”all those fancy things fail to make my heart sings”
  2. Hanyalah Cinta.(4:04)
    “semua yang telah aku dapat indah nan gemerlap. Satu hari kan pudar dan sinarnya akan hilang”
  3. Weapons. (3:10)
    “too strong to lose but you can’t choose. I stole your heart. Before you even know”
  4. Yang Terlarang (4:20)
    “yang terlarang kan terulang dan tak henti panggil hati ini”
  5.  Impossible (3:11) 
    “I change my mind and I don’t think it’s a crime. Go to run to where my heart desires”
  6. Eternal (3:56)
    “Though I can’t see but within me You’ll always live eternally.”
  7. Rollercoaster (4:31)
    “you catch me when I fall. As far as I can recall. With you I’m gravity define.”
  8. My Addiction (2:59)
    “This will be the last time. I wake up in your arms. There won’t be one last try.”
  9. A Stranger (3:49)
    “Looking in the mirror. I’m a stranger. To this land and air. Belong to elsewhere.”
  10. Cold War (3:59)
    “ruptured… of my soul and my mind. This lines to be defined.”
  11. Year of the Snake (4:41)
     ”wounds can heal but still the echoes. Lingering inside.”
  12. Silent Vow (3:15)
    “I have learned that a lie is another way to survive. Secret solidified.”
    Bonus Tracks:
  13. Berkilaulah.
  14. Only Love.
  15. Count on Me.
  16. Sorry.
  17. Always You (feat. Schiller). 

I love almost of the tracks. I adore the music that given in this album. A combination of pop, rock, orchestra and little bit world. She produced this album under her own label, April Earth for almost two years. Three of my favorite songs from this album is Only Love, Buy Me Happiness, and Silent Vow.

I hope this album will be the real ‘elevation’ of her carrier after her previous “hip-hop” album, Elevation.

Sinterklas di Bulan Juli

Kisah ini berawal dari berkunjungnya seorang sahabat dekat saya ke rumah. Bak laki-laki gagah perkasa yang menghiasi iklan-iklan rokok, temanku, sebut saja Nico, datang dengan motornya yang kegedean. Setelah ngobrol sana-sini ngalur-ngidur tapi tetap teratur, Nico mengajak saya untuk heng-otke mall. Saya menerima ajakannya seperti anak umur lima tahun yang diiming-imingi permen pendekar biru serta mainan gundam murahan. Nico menunggu saya sejenak karena saya harus berdanadan-semprot parfum sana-sini, pilih-pilih baju, pilih-pilih jam tangan, pakai moisturizing cream, memberi makan anak anjing, garuk-garuk pantat, serta banyak hal penting lainnya-sejenak di kamar seadanya.

Setelah berpenampilan pol kayak Zac Efron di film “Seventeen Again” kami pun berangkat menuju salah satu mall terbesar di kota Palembang. Setelah cukup lama mengantri dan memberikan selembar uang dari dalam dompet yang terdalam, kami memasuki parkiran mall. Dua lelaki bujang yang tidak lagi bau kencur ini mulai memasuki pintu mall dengan senyum sumringah. Aku bagaikan Best Man of Groom yg tersenyum getir menanti di pernikahan sahabat dekat.

Sebenarnya kami memiliki tujuan yang pasti datang ke mall itu. Seperti kepastian gadis yang telah dilamar dan bulan depan pasti bakal nikah. Nico menemaniku ke mall ini untuk mencari modem CDMA EVDO Red-A yang telah lama saya impikan siang maupun malam. Setelah melewati beberapa toko, kami menemukan modem yang dicari. Ketika itu aku masih sangsi untuk membeli ketika itu juga atau tidak. Faktor terbesar adalah uang. Mengingat harga pendidikan dan beras saya pun mengurungkan niat untuk memiliki pujaan hati yang baru. Tapi dari sorot mata Nico yang tajam, setajam silet, Nico berubah menjadi sesosok wanita paruh baya bernama Evely Setiawan dari Agung Sedayu Group yang berkata seraya,

“Mulai senin harga sudah naik”

Saya teguh pendirian untuk menahan hasrat yang telah lama dipendam, bagaikan*e*u yang telah lama terpendam. Kami hanya berkeliling saja menikmati kemewahan yang disuguhkan. Tidak begitu lama kami berjalan berkeliling sambil menghilangkan lemak yang telah bergelayut di perut sejak lama, akhirnya kami menyerah keluar dari mall durjana itu sambil mengibar bendera putih.

Ketika keluar dari parkiran mall itu, saya sudah berfirasat tak enak. Ketika Nico bertanya, “Belok ke mana nih?”. “Kalo lurus ke Cinde, kalo kanan ke Sudirman.” Tanpa pikir panjang karena terdesak kendaraan di belakang, akhirnya Nico memutuskan untuk belok kanan.

Di pengkolan depan International Plaza, kami dihampiri dan dipirintahkan untuk stop oleh beberapa “Sinterklas” berkaca mata hitam. Aku merasa bagaikan maling ayam yang akan diamuk masa, ditelanjangi, lalu dibakar. Jangan tertawa! Karena ini serius! Kami didakwa dengan Pasal 69 KUHP Junto 33 Bab Pungutan Liar bahwa kami telah melanggar peraturan lalu-lintas dengan tidak menggunakan helm standard. Well, karena tak mau panjang lebar dan sudah capek ditanya hana-hini-hene-hono akhirnya segalanya tuntas dengan jalan “damai”.

Ininlah Indonesia, segalanya serba mudah dan praktis. Cukup kasih kertas, semuanya lancar jaya. Tapi emang sih kami juga cukup diuntungkan. Sejatinya ini adalah bentuk dari simbiosis mutualisme yang nyata.

Terima kasih Sinterklas di bulan Juli!


Cerita ini dipersembahkan oleh:

BKKNB. “Dua anak saja cukup!”



Nilai Semester Itu Rahasia Tuhan

Kalau dibaca dari judulnya, post ku kali ini mungkin terasa sedikit alim dan sok suci. Tapi inilah fakta nyata bahkan fakta yang hakiki adanya. Kita sendiri yang menjalani semester itu bahkan tak dapat menebak bila nilai kita akan baik atau buruk. Keyakinan kita atas nilai yang baik tidak dapat dijamin oleh siapapun. Ibu, ayah, adik, teman, bahkan burung pun tidak tahu akan itu. Di sini saya menekankan agar jangan terlalu percaya diri berlebihan karena akan menimbulkan kekecewaan di kemudian hari. Contoh aku dong, yang adem ayem nungguin nilai keluar. walau agak sedikit cemas akan hasilnya. Yah, manusia tidak mungkin mendapat keberuntungan terus-menerus seumur hidupnya. sekali-kali mencicipi nilai D adalah bagian dari pengalaman hidup. Saya akui bahwasanya saya pantas mendapatkan nilai itu. *Lah emang gue ga ngerti sama mata kuliahnya*

Pesan gue, jangan terlalu mengharap yang lebih untuk hal yang belum pasti. Bisa saja nanti hal itu akan bermuara ke penyesalan dan kegalauan tingkat dewa. Satu lagi yang penting, sadarilah bahwa kuliah atau sekolah itu unuk mencari ilmu dan keahlian, bukan mencari nilai. Ayo semangat!! *backsound Sm*sh – Senyum Semangat* #halah